Banjara - The Truck Driver (2018)

Okładka Banjara - The Truck Driver
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Okładka Banjara - The Truck Driver
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7.00 / 10
Na podstawie 81 głosów użytkowników serwisu IMDb
Gatunek:Dramat, Romans
Reżyseria:Mushtaq Pasha
Zarys fabuły:The storyline is about 3 characters of Babbu Maan in different places and in different eras but the three stories told are love stories of the individual. A strong, compassionate lover teamed with different women in different places. They have shown the yesteryear in a rural village of Punjab, today's story in modern Punjab and Chandigarh and another story setup in Canada.
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Banjara - The Truck Driver | Official Movie Trailer | Babbu Maan | Releasing World Wide 7th Dec 2018