Colomba Legend

GATUNEKWestern, Dramat
ZARYS FABUŁY The story of Colomba Legend develops exactly twenty years after the events of "Quattro Carogne a Malopasso", the western film shot in full autonomy by Vito Colomba at the turn of the 80s and 90s, which sees the children of the historical characters as protagonists , Parker and Nelson. After the wrongdoings of the bandit Parker, the citizens of Custon City are forced to face a new threat: three masked bandits who commit repeated crimes terrorizing the entire city. Bill Nelson Junior, obsessed with the death of his father, is convinced that Parker's four children, three boys and one girl, were abandoned who had been abandoned twenty years earlier, the day of their birth, in front of a convent of friars. Not satisfied with the work of the sheriff, he sets out on their tracks and fights for the truth to surface once and for all. But will they really be the culprits of these heinous crimes? Or is there under something else?
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21 maj 2020
Cena: 9.90 złCeny i dostępne tłumaczenia mogą się zmieniać, przed zakupem potwierdź u sprzedawcy.