Death Cab for Cutie: Live At the Mt. Baker Theatre


OBSADA ZARYS FABUŁY On April 22 and 23, 2009, Death Cab for Cutie returned to Bellingham, WA, where they had formed over 10 years prior, to perform two sold out concerts at the historic Mt. Baker Theatre. This film features previously unreleased performances from these two very special nights as well as interviews with band members about the band's early days in Bellingham. 1. The New Year 2. WhyYou'd Want To Live Here 3. Crooked Teeth 4. President of What? 5. No Sunlight 6. Your Bruise 7. Grapevines Fires 8. I Will Posess Your Heart 9. Cath... 10. Soul Meets Body 11. Long Division 12. The Sound of Settling 13. Bixby Canyon Bridge 14. I Will Follow You Into the Dark 15. Title and Registration 16. Expo' 86 17. Transatlanticism
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01 sty 2018
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