Chuck i przyjaciele / The Adventures of Chuck & Friends (2011)

Okładka Chuck i przyjaciele
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Okładka Chuck i przyjaciele
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5.80 / 10
Na podstawie 76 głosów użytkowników serwisu IMDb
Produkcja:USA, Kanada
Zarys fabuły:Join Chuck, the little dump truck with big dreams, and his amazing friends as they race their way through fun fueled adventures. No matter what obstacles are put in Chuck’s way, he knows that with good friends and a little imagination, he’s always going to cross the finish line as a winner.
W bazie od: 2017.12.04
Polskie audio od: 2017.12.06
Polskie napisy od: -
Lista epizodów
S01E01 Special Delivery / Buffing Up
S01E02 Tough Break / Little Big Chuck
S01E03 Race to the Race / When Trucks Fly
S01E04 Fort Chuck / A Hop, Slip and a Jump
S01E05 The Checkup / The Short Cut
S01E06 Digging Deep / Lights, Cameras, Trucks!
S01E07 Truck ‘N Roll / Mystery, He Rode
S01E08 Choosy Chuck / The Best
S01E09 The Pothole / Chuck’s Perfect Plans
S01E10 Chuck In Charge / Trucks Versus Wild
S01E11 Unidentified Rolling Objects / On A Role
S01E12 Up All Night / Boomer the Snowplow
S01E13 Sleep-Driving Chuck / Chuck-Atomic
S01E14 Chuck and the Lost Hubcap of Gold / Shine On
S01E15 Where There’s a Wheel / Flower Power
S01E16 Daredevil Chuck / Chuck's Big Break
S01E17 Game On / Kid Stuff
S01E18 Contest Countdown / Revving Up Rally
S01E19 Being Biggs / As The Engine Coughs
S01E20 Anchors-A-Wheel / Mind Your Own Business
S01E21 Brother Borrowing / When Haulie Met Porter
S01E22 The Art of Being Chuck / Senses of Direction
S01E23 Beach Blanket Uh-Oh / Hide and Seek
S01E24 Attack of the Fifty Foot Chuck / Soku-Kun
S01E25 Join the Club / Fender Bender
S01E26 Did You Hear/Bridging the Gap