Jay Leno's Garage (2015)

Okładka Jay Leno's Garage
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Okładka Jay Leno's Garage
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7.40 / 10
Na podstawie 266 głosów użytkowników serwisu IMDb
Gatunek:Dramat, Dokument
Zarys fabuły:“Jay Leno’s Garage” takes viewers on a ride-along to the intersection of horsepower and humanity. In each hour, Jay will travel the country on the hunt for the car world’s most radical rides and highlight the passion and the stories behind them.
W bazie od: 2017.12.06
Polskie audio od: -
Polskie napisy od: 2017.12.06
Lista epizodów
S01E01 American Muscle
S01E02 California Cruisin'
S01E03 The Driving Force
S01E04 Off the Beaten Path
S01E05 Beasts of Burden
S01E06 Competitive Nature
S01E07 Design of the Times
S01E08 The Cars of Tomorrow
S02E01 Supercars
S02E02 Crime Fighters
S02E03 Anything but Four Wheels
S02E04 Anarchy on Wheels
S02E05 Essence of Cool
S02E06 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
S02E07 Love Stories
S02E08 Original and Unrestored
S02E09 Old School vs. New School
S02E10 Just Add Water
S02E11 Space Age
S02E12 Music and Cars
S03E01 Made in America
S03E02 Larger Than Life
S03E03 Losing Control
S03E04 Victory Lane
S03E05 Outside the Box
S03E06 Child At Heart
S03E07 Hand Made
S03E08 Keys to Happiness
S03E09 The Car My Father Drove
S03E10 The Next Generation
S03E11 In Harm's Way
S03E12 Any Which Way But Gas
S03E13 Closed Roads
S03E14 More Power
S03E15 Living the Dream
S03E16 Getting Away