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23 wrz 2018

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Sezon 1
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S01E01 Higashino Hunts Deer Vol. 1 "The Law of the Mountain"
S01E02 My Parents Wouldn't Fall for It! "It's Me" Fraud Championship Against Mothers
S01E03 Self-Acted Setup Prank Starring Toshiyaki Kasuga of Audrey / Higashino Hunts Deer Vol. 2 "Getting Within 100 Meters"
S01E04 Homeless Face-Off in Intelligence Quiz / Higashino Hunts Deer Vol. 3 "I'll Kill It and Eat It"
S01E05 Higashino Hunts Deer "A Bullet Through the Heart" ~ "The Process of Dissection"
S01E06 Teach Us, Experienced Girls ~ Lessons in Sexuality Given by Beauties ~
S01E07 Alas! A Heartwarming Sound ~ Beauties Also Fart Beautifully ~
S01E08 My Parents Wouldn't Fall for It! Serious Fraud Championship
S01E09 Self-Acted Setup Prank Starring Akiyama from Robert
S01E10 Who Is the Queen of the Night? A Competition Between Comedians' Wives
S01E11 ROAD TO WALKING DEAD The First ever Audition for Comedians to Play a Zombie Role
S01E12 Self-acted Setup Prank Starring Kotouge from Viking
S01E13 For Some Reason or Other, We Can no Longer See Them on Broadcast Television. Where Are They Now!? ~Starring Yuki Goto~
S01E14 My Parents Wouldn't Fall for It! Serious Fraud Championship
S01E15 Imada and Higashino Get Involved! "It's Me" Fraud Championship
S01E16 Teach Us, Experienced Girls ~ Save the Sexless Country of Japan~
S01E17 Abduction Championship
S01E18 Higashino Hunts Boar / Assistant Director Fujiwara Hunts Women
S01E19 Higashino Hunts Boar Part Two
S01E20 Self-Acted Setup Prank Starring Koji Imada