Costume Quest

OBSADA ZARYS FABUŁY Based on the smash video game series by Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts, Broken Age) and the world originally created by Tasha Sounart, Costume Quest is a funny and mysterious animated series aimed at six to 11-year-olds. The show stars four kids facing off against the dark forces lurking in the shadows of their sleepy town of Auburn Pines. To overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, they must learn to unlock and master the magical powers of super-normal costumes-with each costume comes a new set of transformations and powers.
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Costume Quest Season 2 Trailer | Cartoon Hangover Costume Quest - For the Love of Lincoln/Monsters in Our Midst (Official Clip) Watch on Prime Costume Quest (Official Trailer) - Watch on Prime Video March 8th
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16 lut 2019
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Sezon 101
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S101E01 For the Love of Lincoln / Monsters in Our Midst
S101E02 The Best Offense / Belly of the Beast
S101E03 The Fun Room / Ghosting
S101E04 The Keychain to My Heart / The Big Con
S101E05 Baking is Best with Friends / Danger Bike Man Rides Again
S101E06 Girl, You’ll Be a Grubbin Soon / Secrets and Lies
Sezon 102
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S102E01 Breaker, Breaker / Factory Tour
S102E02 Stuck in the Middle with Tootz / Scout’s Honor
S102E03 Schmooze Cruise / Perfect Vision
S102E04 Dry-Cleaners and Dragons / In the Mouth of Badness
S102E05 Deal With It / Sibling Showdown
S102E06 What About Norm? / O Grubbin Where Art Thou?
S102E07 All Hallows’ Eve
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