Born in a Ballroom

TWÓRCY ZARYS FABUŁY The night of Eleanor’s birth on March 29, 1917, the small log cabin her parents owned caught fire. Her mother ran to the plantation home nearby to give birth to little Eleanor on the ballroom floor. Entering this world with gusto, Eleanor often lamented, “I was born in a ballroom, and I’ve been dancing ever since.” Eleanor went on to teach, work for the Red Cross, travel the world, raise a family of five on her own, and co-found an internationally recognized restaurant, The Hütte, which reflects her unique legacy to this day. As we explore this exceptional Swiss-Appalachian woman and place, we discover, now forty years later, how one woman embraced a West Virginia community through food and perhaps a dance or two.
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14 lut 2020
Cena: 14.99 złCeny i dostępne tłumaczenia mogą się zmieniać, przed zakupem potwierdź u sprzedawcy.