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14 sty 2017

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Sezon 1
polskie tłumaczenie
S01E01 Hide and seek/Much ado about glasses/ Who are you?/My first driving lesson
S01E02 Strange faces/Kuri is under magic/Let’s share together/Hide the mess!
S01E03 How do I get a mail?/Daddy’s treasure/Riding the seesaw/Daddy’s treasure
S01E04 All mine!/Ullala’s busy day/Get well, Chiyo!/Charlie the little monkey
S01E05 Chiro needs to sleep/Flying in a balloon/In search of a dinosaur/Lying brings more lying
S01E06 Bread lover, Kuri/Snap, snap, taking pictures/Chiyo’s lost doll/Ullala’s secret
S01E07 Field trip day/New stuff, old stuff/Chiro the fast runner/Lightning bug fountain
S01E08 Cheer up, mom & dad/I wish I was Chiyo/Chiro, home alone/The magic trumpet
S01E09 Caterpillar Chiro/Nobody loves me/Long legged Chiro/I like sweets
S01E10 Who will get the boomerang?/Magic belt/Three wishes/I want to win
S01E11 Kururu, the pig knight/Lollipop and the goblin/ Playing with music/I want to be just like dad
S01E12 Princess Chiyo/I’m mad/Surprise present/Ullala’s present
S01E13 I’m telling mom!/Dancing Charlie/Come to the party/Where are you, Chiro?