Pingwinek Pororo

Pororo the Little Penguin

2004 | 7 minut
Pororo the Little Penguin is a computer-generated animated cartoon series created by Iconix Entertainment, SK Broadband, Ocon and EBS with the North Korean company Samchŏlli in Kaesŏng. Production began in 2002 and the program began airing in South Korea on EBS in 2003. Internationally, the program currently airs on Australian, French, Taiwanese, Indian, Italian, Puerto Rican, Singaporean and Vietnamese channels. It also started airing in Norway, on Boomerang, and Cartoonito in the UK. It will air on Disney Channel Asia and CITV in 2013. In South Korea, Pororo has become famous among preschool kids and children and has earned the nickname "Pororo the President" while to some teenagers, "Pororo the God". The series revolves around the adventures of Pororo and his friends who live in the snowy village of Porong Porong Forest, who often encounter challenges and learn practical and moral lessons in each episode. czytaj więcej
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21 mar 2017

Lista dostępnych epizodów / sezonów
Sezon 3
polskie tłumaczenie
S03E01 Popo and Pipi / Everything Looks Amazing / Rody Is Born / Happy Rody
S03E02 Toy Plane / Dragon the Magician / I Want to Be a Super Hero / Mighty Harry
S03E03 Catch the Big Fish / It's My Toy / Princess Loopy / Strange Soccer
S03E04 Watch Out, Eddy / Cooking Trouble / Clumsy Magician / Weather Forecast
S03E05 Thanks, Eddy / Loopy's Present / Play with Crong / Flying Poby
S03E06 Petty the Red Riding Hood / Baseball Star, Rody / Playful Nyao / Petty and Nyao
S03E07 Mischievous Wind / Poby Is Missing / Loopy's Doll / Singing Passion
S03E08 Amazing Magic Wand / You're the Best, Poby / Night Wonders / Where Did the Ball Go?
S03E09 Toy Frog / Scribble Fun / Crong and the Shooting Star / Got a Cold?
S03E10 Strange Games / Best Friends / Poby's Birthday / Eddy's Song
S03E11 Cloning Machine / Cleaning Trouble / Strange Adventure 1 / Strange Adventure 2
S03E12 Sled Race / Rody's Dream / Magic Potion 1 / Magic Potion 2
S03E13 Fun Picnic / Eddy's Got the Cold / Snowy Day / Wonderful Playground
Sezon 5
polskie tłumaczenie
S05E01 We Are Good Friends / Crong’s Wish
S05E02 Just Be Honest / A Mini Concert For Harry
S05E03 Eddy’s Riddle Game / Real Courage
S05E04 We Need You, Eddy / The Magic Sketchbook
S05E05 Rody’s True Friends / Eddy’s All-purpose Backpack
S05E06 It’s OK To Be A Little Slow / Crong Gets Bored
S05E07 Get Well Soon, Loopy / Let’s Make A New Sled
S05E08 Crong and Harry Have Disappeared! / Let’s Go To Tongtong’s House!
S05E09 It’s Fun To Play At Home / We Want To Go To Space
S05E10 Pororo’s Special Present /Let’s Put On A Play!
S05E11 Dreams Gone Bad / A Day With Wall Clock
S05E12 Harry’s House Disappeared / Petty’s Presents
S05E13 Harry And The Magical Spring Water / A Group Picture
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