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The Real Ghostbusters

OBSADA ZARYS FABUŁY The Real Ghostbusters is an American animated television series spun-off from the Ghostbusters franchise. The series ran from 1986 to 1991, and was produced by Columbia Pictures Television, DiC Enterprises, and Coca-Cola Telecommunications. "The Real" was added to the title after a dispute with Filmation and its Ghost Busters properties. The series continues the adventures of paranormal investigators Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, Dr. Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, their secretary Janine Melnitz and their mascot ghost Slimer. There also were two ongoing Real Ghostbusters comics, one published monthly by Now Comics in USA and the other published weekly by Marvel Comics in the United Kingdom, and a popular toy line manufactured by Kenner.
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The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1988) Intro The Real Ghostbusters (1986) Promo Pilot
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Lista dostępnych epizodów / sezonów
Sezon 1
polskie tłumaczenie
S01E01 Ghosts R Us
S01E02 Killerwatt
S01E03 Mrs. Rogers' Neighborhood
S01E04 Slimer, Come Home
S01E05 Troll Bridge
S01E06 The Boogieman Cometh
S01E07 Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream
S01E08 When Halloween Was Forever
S01E09 Look Homeward Ray
S01E10 Take Two
S01E11 Citizen Ghost
S01E12 Janine's Genie
S01E13 Xmas Marks the Spot
S01E14 Knock, Knock
S01E15 Station Identification
S01E16 Play Them Ragtime Boos
S01E17 Sea Fright
S01E18 The Spirit of Aunt Lois
S01E19 Cry Uncle
S01E20 Adventures in Slime and Space
S01E21 Night Game
S01E22 Venkman's Ghost Repellers
S01E23 The Old College Spirit
S01E24 Ain't NASA-sarily So
S01E25 Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional?
S01E26 A Fright at the Opera
S01E27 Doctor, Doctor
S01E28 Ghost Busted
S01E29 Beneath These Streets
S01E30 Boo-dunit
S01E31 Chicken, He Clucked
S01E32 Ragnarok and Roll
S01E33 Don't Forget the Motor City
S01E34 Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie?
S01E35 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Ghost?
S01E36 Hanging by a Thread
S01E37 You Can't Take It with You
S01E38 No One Comes to Lupusville
S01E39 Drool, the Dog-faced Goblin
S01E40 The Man Who Never Reached Home
S01E41 The Collect Call of Cthulhu
S01E42 Bustman's Holiday
S01E43 The Headless Motorcyclist
S01E44 The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic
S01E45 Egon on the Rampage
S01E46 Lights! Camera! Haunting!
S01E47 The Bird of Kildarby
S01E48 Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster
S01E49 Apocalypse -- What, Now?
S01E50 Lost and Foundry
S01E51 Hard Knight's Day
S01E52 Cold Cash and Hot Water
S01E53 The Scaring of the Green
S01E54 They Call Me Mister Slimer
S01E55 Last Train to Oblivion
S01E56 Masquerade
S01E57 Janine's Day Off
S01E58 The Ghostbusters in Paris
S01E59 The Devil in the Deep
S01E60 Ghost Fight at the O.K. Corral
S01E61 Ghostbuster of the Year
S01E62 Deadcon-1
S01E63 The Cabinet of Calamari
S01E64 A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn
S01E65 The Revenge of Murray the Mantis
S01E66 Rollerghoster
S01E67 I Am the City
S01E68 Moaning Stones
S01E69 The Long, Long, Long, Etc., Goodbye
S01E70 Buster the Ghost
S01E71 The Devil to Pay
S01E72 Slimer, Is That You?
S01E73 Egon's Ghost
S01E74 Captain Steel Saves the Day
S01E75 Victor the Happy Ghost
S01E76 Egon's Dragon
S01E77 Dairy Farm
S01E78 The Hole in the Wall Gang
Sezon 2
polskie tłumaczenie
S02E01 Baby Spookums
S02E02 It's a Jungle Out There
S02E03 The Bogeyman Is Back
S02E04 Once Upon a Slime
S02E05 The Two Faces of Slimer
S02E06 Sticky Business
S02E07 Halloween II 1/2
S02E08 Loathe Thy Neighbor
S02E09 Big Trouble with Little Slimer
S02E10 The Copycat
S02E11 Camping It Up
S02E12 The Grundel
S02E13 Transylvania Homesick Blues
Sezon 3
polskie tłumaczenie
S03E01 Flip Side
S03E02 Poultrygeist
S03E03 The Joke's on Ray
S03E04 Standing Room Only
S03E05 Robo-buster
S03E06 Short Stuff
S03E07 Follow That Hearse
S03E08 The Brooklyn Triangle
Sezon 4
polskie tłumaczenie
S04E01 Something's Going Around
S04E02 Three Men and an Egon
S04E03 Elementary My Dear Winston
S04E04 If I Were a Witch Man
S04E05 Partners in Slime
S04E06 Future Tense
S04E07 Jailbusters
S04E08 Live: From Al Capone's Tomb
S04E09 The Halloween Door
Sezon 5
polskie tłumaczenie
S05E01 You Can't Teach an Old Demon New Tricks
S05E02 Janine, You've Changed
S05E03 Mean Green Teen Machine
S05E04 Afterlife in the Fast Lane
S05E05 The Slob
S05E06 Busters in Toyland
S05E07 Stay Tooned
S05E08 The Magnificent Five
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